Friday, 14 May 2010

Lucozade Sport Lite: the Low Energy Energy Drink!

I just saw an advert for Lucozade Sport Lite. Yes. Seriously. This is an energy drink which contains only 50 calories. But don't worry:
Lucozade Sport Lite contains electrolytes and fluid which help to keep you hydrated
Hmm... a fluid which helps keep you hydrated, I wonder what other things there might be that fit that description....

The website really is excellent though - it actually include a section entitled 'how do I use it?'. Erm... put it in your mouth and swallow?

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Adrianna said...

That reminds me of a recent trip to Birmingham where there was a woman promoting the 'neuro' brand of drinks:

There are so many ridiculous claims here I can't even start telling you about them or I'll get angry. Where's my neurobliss...