Monday, 31 January 2011

Some of my favourite quotes

Here are a few of my favourite quotes I've collected over the years. Like all good quotes, I think they say something that can't easily be said by using more words. I'm sure there will be more when I remember them:
"If I'm selling to you, then I'll speak English. If you're selling to me dann muessen Sie Deutsch sprechen"
Willy Brandt

"If he knew, he's too evil to be Prime Minister, and if he didn't know, he's too stupid to be Prime Minister."
Nye Bevan on Anthony Eden, after Suez

"The Noah Principle: predicting rain doesn't count, building arks does."

"It's hard to make a man understand something when his livelihood depends on him not understanding it"
Upton Sinclair


Anonymous said...

I've never liked the use of "quote" as a verb. John--

Anonymous said...

Goddamnit, I meant noun. I am the worst. Jess--

John Faben said...

I've been thinking about your point, and I believe that the carefully considered and reasoned response that it deserves is:
yeah, well I've never liked your face.

Seriously, "quote" just is a noun. There are 20 times more hits for "this is my favourite quote" than "this is my favourite quotation". Similar ratios for every other sample sentence I could think of.