Friday, 21 December 2007

A truly bizarre article in Tuesday's Guardian. Apparently the fact that homeopathy doesn't work isn't evidence enough that homeopathy doesn't work. Perhaps Rustum Roy should look up the definition of non-sequitur:

As it happens, there is agreement among all those who have studied liquid water
that it is, in fact, the critics, who are totally wrong. Proof? Diamond is the
planet's hardest material; graphite one of the softest. They are absolutely
identical in composition, and they can be interconverted in a millisecond with
zero change of composition.


Everlynn1980 said...

When you dilute a substance in water, you just spread out its molecules by adding more water. the substance itself still retain its molecular structure and any chemical property associated with that structure.

What the homeopathis supporters are talking about is not dilution at the MOLECULAR level , but dilution at the ATOMIC level. These are two very different kind of dilution.

Diluting a substance in water just increase its molecules substance. Even though there is less of the substance in a given amount of water, the chemical properties of that substance essentially remain unchanged.

Diluting a substance at the ATOMIC level,on the othe hand,is very different because you are changing the molecular structure itself. A Diamond molecule has just 14 carbon atoms and not 48 as in that of the graphite molecule. The difference between Diamond and
graphite is attributed to the difference of density of ATOM between the two substance.

Dilution of atoms at the ATOMIC level will result in a different molecule with a different chemical property. Dilution at the MOLECULAR level, as in adding more water to a solute, will only "pread out" the solute but does nothing to change its molecular composition or associated properties.

You can not re-arrange the atoms by adding more water to solid molecules. In fact, No amount of H2O-dilution can can change the chemical properties of a solid.

The graphite-diamond transformation takes place at the atomic level while homeopathic
dilution happens at the Molecular one.

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